What's a PIT Count?

Every year in January, the Jackson County Continuum of Care conducts the Point in Time Count (PIT). This count collects information on people who are residing in emergency shelters or transitional housing programs, as well as, those who are living in vehicles, tents or other places not meant for human habitation. The purpose of the count is to provide a snapshot of homelessness in Jackson County, connect those experiencing homelessness to area resources and support services, and to identify and rectify barriers to housing and services.

The official night of this year's count for Jackson County is Monday, January 24th. Teams of volunteers will survey individuals on the street, in camps and in their vehicles. Surveys will also be completed at various sites, such as social service agencies and food pantries from January 24th through January 30th.

Staff from homeless assistance agencies and other community volunteers conduct a street count of the unsheltered population and collect data on the homeless population living in emergency shelters and transitional housing. Along with the total number of sheltered and unsheltered homeless persons, information is gathered on a wide range of characteristics such as the age, gender, race, ethnicity, veteran status and disability status of those experiencing homelessness.

What to expect:

Volunteers will conduct surveys of people experiencing homelessness to connect them to services to resolve their housing crisis. Prior to the count, volunteers will be assigned areas to canvass or be asked to collect data at community service organizations, food pantries, or other locations.

Debbie Boyd, HMIS Lead for the Jackson County Continuum of Care, will be providing a training on how to complete surveys via a mobile app and on paper. More information, including FAQs and training resources, will be provided at the training sessions.

The Jackson County CoC believes that together we can help end homelessness in Jackson County. Thank you for donating your time and energy!

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